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This is NOT like one of those foreign emails you probably get in your inbox every day. I’m just an individual, on your site, and I’d love to speak briefly or send you some info, if you have a few minutes.



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We Would Love to Get Your Thoughts

I’ve been looking at your blog, [insert blog name here], and I wanted to take a minute to tell you about a caffeine supplement I thought might interest your readers.

[And so forth.]

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Technocracy Ethics USA censorship Chinese military intelligence genius clones

The wheel of Buddhist terms poster tinyurl.com/██████ Velcro modular wall mural game. Doctoral dissertation for philosophy, title: The Interpenetration of Buddhist Practice and Classroom Teaching. Technocracy Ethics USA censorship Chinese military intelligence genius clones

PARASITIC SPECIES INFESTATION alien robot telescope spaceship: audiobook getting things done (GTD is the tag), the first few tracks of PALE BLUE DOT are good, as we transition 2 a knowledge based global society

[I would say “and so on in that fashion” except it never really picks a topic and runs with it.]