16 7 / 2014

why my account disable ?

why my account disable ? I paid last week.


Hello, your account was banned for spamming.


your site is spamming too

09 7 / 2014


Take my email OFF your list. I DO NOT WANT ANY MORE EMAILS FROM YOU.

re: http://www.metafilter.com/78177/PLEASE-UNSUBSCRIBE-ME-FROM-THIS-LIST

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13 11 / 2013

we have made payment for you and you desables us

Sir, we we have made payment for you and you disables us. we want link of http://www.████ and http://www.████.com on your site. you have taken our money and enjoying from it and you are not given even a link.. we want only one link bcz we have given $5 to you for it… you will not able to enjoy our $5 . god will see you..

[We get this sort of WHY DID YOU BAN ME, ALL I DID WAS BLATANTLY SPAM complaint now and then, but I think this may be the first time someone has specifically taken the “God is watching you masturbate” approach to demanding a refund.]

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06 7 / 2013

maritime fertility

I will be visiting a Urologist to check my fertility soon. I know he will ask for my sperm but it takes some special types of masturbation to release my seamen as I have developed skills to hold during sex over the years. My question is can I ejaculate and take along with me to see the doctor? All together it will be approx 2 years by the time I see him. What can I can to keep the sperm alive until I see him? Thank you.

re: http://ask.metafilter.com/122617/Question-about-insurance-and-male-fertility

26 5 / 2013


Ok I’ve had 2 emal addresses in the last 12 years. An I had an iTunes account. An everytime I try sign in. I have forgotten my shit. An when I go throw my email. It says I’m not me. I’m fucking sick of this garbage I hate this shit. But to us apple garbage u need to have one. If I could point the fuartation at one individual. The person would be beat like an old rug.  So all in all I would like any account under xxxxxxx05@hotmail.com an xxxxxx05@gmail.com. To be totally erased cuz u cunts won’t let me in. An I can’t get new account. Unless I have another email. Fuck I hate apple fuck who made it an any one involved u wast of skin bastereds fuck u an the fucking code shit to send like fuck saks re write this If u can see what is writen garb fuck who thinks of this dumb ass shit

re: http://ask.metafilter.com/49801/How-to-reset-itunes-to-Canada-store

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25 3 / 2013

Link Advertising


We are interested in purchasing link advertising on your site in blocks of 3, 6, and months.

[Sounds like a plan. We accept payments in 5, 10, and money.]